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Investing on a house? Before embarking on a house hunting journey, it is highly important to consider the following:

Are you looking for a starter home or is a long-term residence more preferable? Do you rather need a house that will accommodate your growing family? If you are still single, though, then it may be worth envisioning the possible changes in your lifestyle and needs in the next five to ten years.

There are several types of residential buildings and architectural styles built on the nearly 900,000 parcels of land that make up Los Angeles. With regard to types of residence, the options include:

  • Bungalow: This refers to any small 20th century home that has made home ownership a dream-come-true for a lot of people because of their affordability, but has big enough space. It is horizontal in shape with a low-pitched roof and can be one- or one-and-a half stories.
  • Ranch: Ranch style homes, which are uniquely American, are totally versatile single story houses with a stucco, wood or brick exterior. Besides an attached garage, its design includes a sliding glass door that usually leads to a patio or backyard and large picture windows; each room can also be easily transformed to accommodate specific needs, such as a family room being transformed into a home office and so forth.
  • Cape Cod: This one- or one-and-a half-storey home is constructed of wood and covered with shingles or clapboard. It features multi-paned windows, dormers and decorative shutters. Old design also featured a large chimney in the center of the roof that is linked to fireplaces in each room; today, however, chimneys are placed at one end of the roof.
  • Colonial: This two to three-storey, rectangular shaped house has dormers and a gabled roof with both sides sloping at the same angle. It features porticos, shutters, fireplaces, grand entrances, multi-paned windows, and a symmetrical fa├žade.
  • Split-Level: This has three or more levels with the floor level of one area of the house being half way between the floor and ceiling of another part of the house. This style is meant to blend naturally with the landscape. The main entrance of the house is usually located in the middle level. Split-level houses are found mostly in the East and Midwest.

Choosing a house style is just the peripheral in fine living. Equally, if not more important are your house’s location, aesthetic outside appearance, and interior decoration. The roofing material and design, the color of the paint, the finishes and materials (especially the kitchen, bathroom living room areas) the types of furniture you have and the added amenities, such as a front porch, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace and a swimming pool.

To save themselves the trouble of figuring out how to design their house, others settle on renting a luxury apartment that promises a relaxing, refreshing, elegant and comfortable life. These are the very things that Ali Mokaram’s sophisticated LA home provides. By combining modern luxury with rustic accents, Ali Mokaram has transformed his home into a stylish, elegant and totally relaxing and refreshing living environment.

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